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             Uri Wernik, Psy.D

    Clinical & Medical Psychologist | Jerusalem | 02-5665308  


    I have years of experience with psychological work in a variety of settings with different people and problems. I see therapy as a tool for solving problems in living. I am oriented to the present and the practical while looking for playful and creative solutions. I see us as partners working together.

    This is a bi-lingual site and most of the pages are written in English and Hebrew. On the top of the page you will find links about my training and professional experience, the services I offer (and their cost). You can read some of my English articles and check my list of links. Everything in this site tells you something about me as a person and my approach. This is also true for the Mediterranean colors of my site, the colors of sky and sun.

    Finally I would like to introduce to you a psychologist who have finished his studies in the USA and have returned home Haran Wernik, PsyD.




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